They say you don’t know what you got till it’s gone, and this week that is certainly true about sleep!  It has been a whirlwind week.  Last weekend went by far too quickly, but TGIF, this weekend should be better!

The other new crew chiefs got here on Monday so we’ve gotten to start working with them this week and we’ve had more opportunities to get to hand out with all of our co-workers outside of work too.  I had my first Abita on draft this week (Purple Haze) and my first drive through daiquiri (strawberry and pink lemonade).   I have gotten to finish my tiling project with grouting and caulking, mudded and sanded, and painted exteriors.

We’ve also started a new book, A New Kind of Christianity by Brian McLaren, and I am really enjoying it so far.  He evaluates common paradigms and beliefs in traditional Christian culture and their alternatives.  We have had some really meaningful discussion so far and I’m sure it will only get better as we read more!

Please comment with questions to help give me ideas of what to write about, what do y’all wanna hear about?