Let me start this post off with a funny story!  Yesterday I was installing all of the door knobs and door stops in the house and the efficiency apartment in the back.  The first door knob I installed, I was sitting on a bucket in the bathroom, and assembling the door knob, and wanted to be sure that the latch would line up with the plate on the door.  So I closed the door…..thereby locking myself in the bathroom with half of a doorknob in my hand.  That was hysterical.
Today we were working on finishing up Pipkins, the house I’ve been working on for the past week and a half or so.  We only had about a day of work left and it felt good to be tying up all of the loose ends.
First thing this morning, I decided to face my fear of heights head on, and so I took it upon myself to climb up onto the inclined roof and paint the gable of the house.  It was really scary but all of my fellow crew chiefs were so supportive and really cheered me on! Around 12 we took a break for lunch and then got back to exterior painting and window scraping (only the most glamorous jobs of course).  At one point, one of the other crew chiefs went inside to grab something from his bag…and it wasn’t there.  It seems that two back packs were stolen from the work site today, and so we went back to the warehouse early.
We also had a few very intense discussions on intentional community and our program over the past few days so I’m pretty burnt out and feeling like I need a break.  We do get volunteers soon though, which means that I personally won’t be working as hard every day and I’ll have volunteers to keep me energized and excited!  My fellows and I are also participating in an Abita Pub Crawl tomorrow which promises to be awesome (but fear not, dear family, I promise to be super safe and super responsible).
If anyone has anything specific you’d like to hear about, please post a comment and I’d be more than happy to dedicate a post to answering your question!!