So it’s been a while since I posted!! (Mom skimmed through a few old journals once and found that line in every one..journaling was never thing).  A lot has happened since my last post, so I’ll try to give you all the highlights!!

I had my first group of volunteers this week.  They are from Virginia and they are sort of a tough group.  They have been to New Orleans nine times and so they have some experience under their belt and are not always receptive do directions, criticism, etc.  I think in the long run they’ll be a good first group because they’ll get me used to having difficult volunteers.  The frustration of this week is exacerbated by the fact that what I’m leading my five volunteers in in something I have little to no experience of training in, and so when they ask me questions or pose criticisms to the strategies I share with them, I am less well equipped to deal with those.  So I have spent this week flooring and tiling with two different kinds of floor.  We’ve been doing luan board with laminate tiles in one room and we have also been doing hardy backer with ceramic tiles in a few rooms. We’re working in a new house, where the homeowner’s first priority is occupancy, which requires floors, doors, and electric/gas.  So I am hoping we’ll have the flooring done in the next week or so.  I have also gotten the chance to work on some more odd jobs, either with other crew chiefs or solo, which has been making me feel pretty great and keeping me sane!

This week has also marked the start of PT.  Our new boss, who is replacing Liz Carrier, used to be in the military and so he is offering optional Ranger Action Warrior Physical Training three days a week for an hour before work.  (That is 6:30am-7:30am) I went to the first two days and had my butt kicked but my  alarm didn’t go off today so I didn’t make it.  I am planning on going three days a week as much as I can.  Jeff is a really really really frustrating guy to work with.  He makes inappropriate comments, doesn’t have great people skills, and doesn’t seem to want much, if any, involvement with the actual program itself let alone the staff members.  I am doing my best to keep an open mind, but at this point he is making even ambivalence seem pretty unlikely,

So it’s been a tough week as you can tell, but I’m hanging in there.  I have Andrew’s visit (hopefully) and the church ladies to look forward to, not to mention that Chuck from Evos will be in New Orleans in a few weeks and I’ll get a chance to see him too!

I would love you all to comment with questions, I think that might make it easier for me to know what to write about!!

I love and miss you all