So, like Alanis, my grasp of irony may be tenuous at best but I can’t help but giggle looking at my last blog post (see Mom’s favorite journal entry) and then at it’s date..

While I was home, several people mentioned that I hadn’t blogged in a while and that they were missing it, so I will try, in this new year, to be better.  And I have so much to talk about now that I am back in New Orleans, starting 2011 with some new and improved resolutions and attitudes!

Part of the reason that my blogging became so spotty towards the holidays last year was that I was having a really tough time down here and didn’t really want to spend my time talking about how sad I was or complain to you all.  But since I got back to my house, I have adopted a more positive attitude and I have been working extra hard.  I have made a daily checklist of things I want to do (and a weekly one) that will sort of serve as a lather, rinse, repeat for my daily resolutions.  I want to make prayer a more regular part of my life, I want to learn guitar, I want to read the news paper every day, start watching sports highlights, reading (books for fun), I have also started doing a photo a day to keep an image journal of my year here and that will help you all keep up with me even more!!/album.php?id=701125633&aid=614361

This past week was rough but I’ve been getting a lot more serious about working out and I am feeling really positive about the next 7 months down here!! I will do my best to blog more and you should all check out my photos and keep tabs on me, remind me when I’m slacking!!

I love you and miss you all