I have just recently passed the 6 month anniversary of my arrival in New Orleans and I am feeling more and more hopeful every day.  Just a few months ago I would have said that there was no way that I could imagine myself making it the rest of my time here.  As much as I love this city, I was having a very hard time feeling at home or comfortable here.  I am finally starting to feel happy here.
I have been struggling in that last month of so with feeling self-conscious and nervous on the worksite.  I worry often about whether or not I’m doing the right thing, what volunteers, supervisors, and other crew chiefs think about me, and I have definitely had my moments in recent weeks where I have been questioning whether or not I belong here.  I have decided to be sure in my last five months that I learn everything that I possibly can and to take responsibility when I do something wrong and ask how to fix it.  I am taking charge of my worksite and I want to make sure that I don’t rely on my co-crew chief to tell me what to do and handle the volunteers.
This week I got to work with Pat (my partner in crime) and two different volunteer groups.  The first day we had a group of high school students from Melbourne Florida.  They climbed underneath the house to clean it out and did some work on the trim inside.  The last two days I have had the pleasure of working with seven lovely volunteers from the Episcopal Diocese of Eastern Oregon.  We have been working on a few finer points of interior trim, such as painting and installing and a few of them got started today on painting the exterior.
Just a quick post for now but I hope to have a longer one this week and maybe, if you’re all lucky, I’ll talk to you all about Lakeview, the neighborhood I’ve been assigned in a new project where we are each asked to learn all there is to know about our neighborhood as the first step to a longer process of developing an idea for a community organization to help our neighborhood.
I hope you are all well and as always I encourage you to check out my photo album on facebook where I will post one photo a day.